Best Gift Items for Christmas

In compiling this list, we have considered the following attributes:
Durability: Arguably, a “perfect gift” item should last long no matter how simple, complex, cheap or expensive it may be.
Universality: Items that are included on this list can be presented to either male or female anywhere in the world. We also had all ages in mind esp kids to ensure that you will also find something for them here as well as grandparents.
Endearment: These items have the potentials to make your recipient feel really loved , important and cared for by you.
Importance: This is the significance of the gift in relation with the season, the receiver and every other matter concerning the situation.
Cost Implications: You don’t have to spend too much to impress. All items here can be procured at not more than a cost price of NGN10,000 (USD28.00 approx.) as at the time of making this recommendation.

However, you might want to pick a gift item that’s not rather too common when selecting a unique present; it will be sweeter if you’re the only one giving that kind of gift around you and if that’s the case, you might want to check out our alternative list of Luxurious Gift Items for Christmas

Browse through 20 of Our Most Preferred Gift items to Present to Your Dear Ones This Christmas in No Particular Order:

1. Footwears: Shoes, sandals, socks, slip-on etc can go to all ages.
2. Power Bank: Can go to any teen or adult that might need them “on the go” to charge their various devices that may support it.

3. Music Box: Portable devices that can be used to play music at picnics or semi-outdoors etc will be suitable for teens and adults as well.

4. Clothing Material: You can get an already made or simply get some (unisex) clothing material and share amongst your loved ones for them to sew up later at their tailor’s. This is perfect for all ages and significant as one of the basic needs of man.

5. Wrist Watch: Almost everyone can make use of a wrist watch from fancy types for kids to efficient ones for teens and more efficient ones for adults. You will definitely find something for everyone as a time piece.

6. Winter Hat/Customized Cap: Depending on your location, you can get a winter hat or a customized cap as the case may be in the spirit of Christmas.
7. Underwears: We all need some of these but you should select those you give this kind of gift according to your norms and tradition to prevent misinterpretation of your motives.
8. Hair Brush or Comb: Well, even if you’re bald in your head, we all have something to comb from time to time. 😀 LOL. This can go to new born babies, most especially and is probably the cheapest on the list.

9. Clipper Set: For the men in your life. Please, check for relevance (whether they already have although I guess they will be allowed to give others) cos it’s best to gift people what they need or even want, yes! 🙂
10. Bible : The word of God; You can also buy this as a Christmas present for yourself if you don’t already have one; *highly recommended***
11. Novels: Even if a person doesn’t like reading, they will read cos it’s a present esp if the novel is interesting and not too voluminous; suitable for teens and adults.
12. Duvet: This period is usually accompanied by intense cold for most regions. There are sizes or makeshift for all ages.
13. Towel: Each and everyone of us needs a personal bath towel or face towel and even if we already have one, we will like to change or keep for later use, right? Yes!
14. Eye Glasses/Googles: this is one of the very simple gifts that most people would be thankful for esp those at those sunniest regions that may need sun glasses on one of their beach outings.
15. Sweater: It can be really cold out there, check if your neighbour needs this.

16. Wallet/Purse: Depending on gender, most fitting for teens and adults
17. Swimsuit: If your holidays will be in places where you could swim or have people around you who might like to, you can pass love onto them with this item. You might have seen YouTube videos of swimming toddlers like I did… So maybe this just passes for all ages who can swim. 😀
18. Pedicure/Manicure Set: All ages *as required*
19. Manual Grinder/ Electric Blender or Juice Maker: Something for the kitchen. Most Ladies will love this. Consider other Catery Services Equipment here depending on your budget, relevance and choice. *Let us know if you need more suggestions on this via the comment facility at the end of this post***

20. Others: They may not last beyond the season but will be nice alternatives, afterall. Stuffs like Fireworks (Christmas Fun will be incomplete without these, it’s an awesome tradition and has nothing to do with “growing up”), Lip Balm (lips tend to dry up during this period), Body Lotions/Oil, Detergents, Soaps/Soap dishes, Beverages, Foodstuffs( Provisions, Tin Tomatoes/paste, canned foods etc), Deodorants/Antiperspirant/Perfumes, Hand Sanitizer, Lamps, Wipes, Facial Tissue & Cleanser, Thermometer (to keep track of your temperature and know when to see your doctor), Disinfectant, Gloves, Penlight/Guard torch, etc.

Anything valuable can pass for a gift and it’s all about choice and circumstances.

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