Beginners’ Manual On Website Creation.

-How To Create a Website That’s Better Than Mine
-Things You Need to Create a Website as a Starter
-Ways to Earn from your Already Made Starter Blog or Website

The essence of this post is to clear your doubts, minimize confusion, eliminate unnecessary options that may have undeservedly populated your bracket by now and to guide you through the path to earning some income by recommending (for you) only what have been tested and trusted, without mincing words, to be efficiently the most preferred option out of many or the only option as the case may be and with a few points of reason.
Nevertheless, we don’t just recommend an “only option” without merit or basis and when there’s been a new record set, this manual will be updated, accordingly. So, you should bookmark this website or page( to follow up on comments) or you can turn on your notification for anytime a new post is made on our website in order not to miss out! Cheers!!!

You’re probably here either because you want a personal blog, a business website or you’ve heard or read about ways you could monetize a website and you’re so interested in that. Oh well…whatever it may be for you but for me, even though people use to say ” oh…you can write well”, potential income source was an essential motivator in my decision to start writing for fun cos I don’t like to waste my time. I mean you could write all the good news in the world and people will still criticize and castigate you. So, where’s the fun in ingratitude? (Story for another day) πŸ‘Š

Notwithstanding that, the good news is you’re at the right place, now cos the information you will find on this page will be all you need to be fulfilled as a learner in the web hosting business. πŸ˜‰
Okay…by web hosting business, I mean everything that has to do with owning and maintaining a website or a blog in all facets, from start to whenever you stop keeping on.

Ever Heard of Feasibility Studies? Yea! Maybe! or Not!
Be that as it may, to own a website, there are usually some quality and/or ROI – “Return on Investment” questions that may come up for smart ones like you:
1. Cost: First of all, you won’t be in much needed control and won’t be able to earn reasonably if you want a Free Hosted Website – This is not recommended for anyone who means business. However, you can try stuffs like Blogger or Free WordPress to have a feel of what the main thing might be like but seriously, it’s best to start all out and commit some of your 3 T’s – Time, Treasure & Talent to get what you really want. That way you can be sure to be focused and start earning at the earliest time possible because you will have already paid your dues (and appeased the gods by so doing). See, Editor’s Choice for the Most Satisfactory Hosting Service Available, so far. (Oops but unfortunately and till further notice, there’s nothing like overall best hosting service yet unless we are considering a particular set of standards/features at a time; you may inquire further via the comment section, later) Please, note that any product or service mentioned in our Editor’s Choice Column is a deserving bearer of that “Overall Best” title as long as it lasts there, unchallenged; after detailed inquest and so much scrutiny.
2. Which Platform/Tool to Design or Develop Your Website With: – whether to use a site builder like weebly and co or to use WordPress or to be more advanced to use scripts like php, HTML and others that you may not have heard of as a beginner; you really shouldn’t bother about all that cos as a novice who needs a site ASAP, that is truly just too much for you and could make you give up on your quest earlier than ever. In this case, I put it to you, from experience(test of some of these available platforms) and exposure (review of reviews) that WordPress is the way to follow as a beginner for any kind of website that you may desire and you won’t regret it except you’re planing on something as huge as Facebook or Google, πŸ˜› then you’ll need to attend more classes after this one and also have patience as a core virtue as well. 
3. Domain Name Registrar: This is any legal establishment that has the resources to register your domain on a plan not more than 10years at a time. Here, I will mention NameCheap but don’t use their hosting or referral service – it won’t be good enough.
4. Dynamism: can I be able to transfer my domain name and/or hosting service to another provider; can I change from one service or plan to another etc. Hostwinds can help you through with that, free of charge.
5. Web Hosting Plan/Service Provider: A web host is like a portion of land or cloud that houses your website. Now, there’s only one web hosting service that you should consider – no long stories, it’s Hostwinds. Don’t get it twisted. There are a couple of plans you can choose from; It also comes with free domain naming by Enom so you don’t necessarily have to bother about additional domain registrar on this your first time. Enom is reliable even more than NameCheap but on a beginner’s note and “merit pass mark”, NameCheap made the list of mentions. You can still register your domain with NameCheap and host your site with Hostwinds but then, you don’t want to go through all that hurdles as a first timer; so just let Hostwinds do all that for you!
Read about Hostwinds offers and features or See how you can host your website on Hostwinds.
6. Niche: Any topic that you’re passionate about and you can sell it to people will suffice OR better leave it open, general or personal – You will still make it with slight variations in break-even time due to individual differences as per mindset, and zeal coefficient as well as “popular demands” factor.

Now, having past deliberations and concluded on which tools or services to use and your budget, it’s time to Create Your Website!

Things You Need To Own/Create A Website:

1. Any Internet or Browser enabled device with at least 1gb RAM and 5GB space such as your Android or Apple iOS phones, desktop PC, notebooks or laptops, tablets etc will do for a good enough start.
2. Internet Connection
3. Google Chrome or Firefox browsers (recommended).
4. Online Payment Method: Either Paypal or Credit/Debit Cards that belongs to you.
5. Domain Registrar + Hosting Service: i.e Hostwinds
6. WordPress Admin Account: This is after you have successfully hosted the domain name or site, then, you could easily set this up from your CPanel (Control Panel) account using Softaculous App Installer. (I will show you!)
7. Backup Plan: In case you did not employ the services of your hosting provider to do routine backups for you on your behalf. You’ll need to keep this in check.
8. Web Security Structure: You need to learn ways to secure your website against cyber attacks and gather the necessarily tools either from your web server support or using plugins depending on levels of security required or how much you can’t afford to lose your web data and start afresh in case you failed to backup. However, your domain name remains your domain name as long as you keep paying the renewal fee by the due date. You may also see this.
9. Power: Your gadgets need not to run low when it could cost you all your hard efforts. You also need to be of sound mind. Information or Knowledge is power! More so, honest review saves! So keep tabs on all our posts for your own good, pal!
10. Etc or you may tell us more in the comment section πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

So you now probably have all it takes to set up your very own website!

Let’s Look At The Step By Step Guide To Accomplish Our New WordPress Website or Blog Project:

  • 1. Decide on a niche. Oh what is a niche see Web Hosting Terms Dictionary. πŸ’–
  • 2. Choose a custom domain name with respect to your niche and yes, cuteness – how sweet it sounds and how easily memorizable it actually is; you’d want your website to soon become a household name. You can check whether your domain name is still available here and being your first time, I wouldn’t ask you to buy an already taken domain name if you found out that that lovely name you wanted is not available but you can always choose another suitable name, similar name or “name twist” as the case may be.
  • 3. Let no doubts ever come to your mind on this; the web hosting service (Server) you should use is Hostwinds. ****Highly recommended. See How To Host Your Site On Hostwinds or continue reading, it will still be highlighted.
  • 4. Go through the various plans offered by Hostwinds. However, the plan you should use as a beginner is either Shared Hosting or Business Hosting. If you already have a potential huge traffic source like Contacts, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followers etc or if you can predict that you will ably grow your site in the shortest time possible then, you should consider Business Hosting @Hostwinds but if you just want to take things slow and gradually, you can begin with the Basic Shared Hosting plan and you’ll have options to upgrade, later. P.S if you’d go for Business Hosting, I suggest that you go for [at least] the Advanced plan so that you can be able to grow 4 websites or domains at the same time which implies 4x potential income source for you; this is because you may want to try another niche after a couple of days into your initial choice or when you finally start raking in the money via AdSense and co, you’d wish that you had obliged this advice instead of having to start building niches and traffic all over again.
  • 5. Create Your Account on Hostwinds with a valid and secure email address.
  • 6. Having logged on to your Hostwinds Account and selected your hosting plan, you’ll be taken to Payment Page; select your payment method. PS: The best time to begin registration and make this Payment is the earliest time possible between 12am-8am(PST) or 7am-3PM(GMT+1) so that everything can be fixed up and all set within 24hrs from the time your payment has been made due to time zone difference although, once your payment is successful and verified, it will never take more than 48hrs to get started, up and running!
  • 7. If you selected MasterCard Credit/Debit Card, you will be asked to verify that you’re the owner using a valid ID card and credit authorization form with your address matching the one on your Card’s Account Statement or else they won’t process the payment. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to go through that hurdle, you can simply open a PayPal account with the email address you used to register (not mandatory but it smoothens things) and then fund your PayPal account with your card with a lil over the required amount (due to fluctuating exchange rates)…without having to go through any bogus verification process. Then you can submit your PayPal email address at the payment section for them to deduct the required amount there.
  • 8. Once your payment has been confirmed successful you will receive email on relevant details esp your CPanel login details.
  • 9. You should confirm status from your Hostwinds Account Dashboard that the service(s) you paid for, Domain Registration (which is free of charge on your first ever invoice) and hosting plan (which is what you were charged for at that time) are all set and active.
  • 10. Now, if every step above has been followed judiciously and confirmed to have been properly taken care of, you’re good to go!!! Yipee! Cheers!!! πŸ˜€

It is now time to Set Up Your WordPress site from your CPanel.

I guess you are becoming more excited with what you’ve accomplished so far and proud of yourself by now. Let’s Keep Going!

Pay attention now, it will be important to save your passwords with Google account or whichever way you feel best cos from here, you really need to mind the kind of passwords you set; it should be something you can remember and very strong as well. Cos anybody that gets hold of them could ruin things for you. You may view again, How to Prevent Unethical Hackers.

You should use the details sent to your email to login to your CPanel using an updated version of either Chrome or Firefox for convenience and avoidance of bugs.

Then from your CPanel you can explore the various options there but don’t be in a hurry to change or save settings . Always ask via our WhatsApp line or the comment section below or source for relevant resources using  google search or the best is even to chat up Hostwinds Support via their Website if there’s anything you’re not sure of or you don’t quite get what a particular feature is all about or you need more help. You can still do all your exploring, later but you can just sharply memorise what your default CPanel looked like before you begin to make changes as that will help you keep track of your progress and to easily spot any anomalies, promptly or unusual behavior of the control panel.

Please, suspend all your exploring for now; let’s go and install WordPress So that you can start Posting ASAP!

To install WordPress on Your Website We will make use of Softaculous App Installer which can be found as you scroll down the home page of your CPanel.

  • You’ll see WordPress (W) Icon, click on it and click Install.
  • Once you click on that, it would ask you to either Custom Install or Quick Install. We’ll do Custom Install, yes!

See Video or Keep Reading…

NB: The installation did not complete in the video cos WordPress has been installed prior to this illustration.

I’m going to use a Mobile Phone Version to quickly show you (pictures) how to do this cos I’m on the go at the moment.

CPanel Login page on Firefox. Logon with the details and instruction Hostwinds sent to your email.
This is what it looks like and then when you scroll down to this point in the picture above, click on WordPress Icon under Softaculous App Installer
It will take you to this place where you can click on Install Now button to proceed.
Set your parameters accordingly or simply view Video.
In the Set Directory Area… delete “wp” and leave it blank, then set whatever you want your site name/description to be under “site settings”. Leave all boxes to checked unchecked at least till you get more used with the modus operandi
Set Your Admin Username and Password. Your Admin Email should be your valid and recoverable gmail address, meantime.
After setting the parameters correctly, leaving the directory area (mentioned earlier) blank or empty and leaving the boxes unchecked, just click Install.
You’re now set and can view your site via the URL Link. Or you can start exploring your WordPress Admin Dashboard and post by visiting https://[]/wp-admin and then login with the Admin UserName and Password you have set during the installation. Bang! Bang! Boom Chaka! You’re now a blogger or website Owner!

***to be continued***
Please, take your time to digest the information available to you on this page at the moment.All the link referrals or items mentioned will be active and available shortly including the topics highlighted below:

  • How to Run Auto SSL to Have Your Site Secured with Free SSL Cert from Hostwinds
  • Ways to Earn from Your Starter Blog or Website”Keeping Up With Web Hosting/Blogging Kardasians”***Smiles*** Please, leave your comments below or follow us on social media. Thanks and catch ya, later.


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